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Gimix – Blue Dot Enabler

About us

A short introduction

Gimix and you!

People have been making history since the rock drawings in prehistoric times. Pieces of history that record how we think, live and work. These data are of all times, but due to digitization they have grown exponentially. At Gimix we are not sad about this development because we love data: the bigger, the better. We have the knowledge, methods and techniques to interpret data and to convert it into valuable information. Information that our customers can use to make their business operations even more efficient and optimized.

We are not unique in what we do, but in how we do it. Our team consists of ambitious and dedicated alphas and betas who each “read” big data from their own perspective to help businesses move forward. Perfectionists who use scientific research to solve issues. Go-getters who continue where others don’t. Upright, smart and creative. Extremely driven to do good in an increasingly complex world. Together with our clients we have the information and the knowledge to embrace progress.


In a complex world in which data increases exponentially, we help organizations create value from data and make relevant information available at the right time. This enables them to make better decisions, gain more control and improve results.


Create a world where artificial intelligence is made trustworthy, transparent and accessible to all organizations.

Our Expertise

How we can help you

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Gimix offers advice, development and management services for Data Science & A.I. projects in various market segments, research, government and NGOs. We facilitate the complete Data Science life cycle for your company, from business understanding to data preparation, model planning and construction, communicating the results and integration within your organization (deployment). We use the CRISP-DM methodology for this.

We specialize in (Big) Data Analysis & Visualization, Statistical Models & Algorithms, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and Process & Data Mining. With the right methods and techniques we provide the insights and knowledge to convert your data into value for your organization.

A few examples of our Data Science solutions:

  • Sales & Marketing: Campaign effectiveness, customer segmentation & acquisition, cross- & upsell, loyalty programs, marketing mix optimization and demand forecasting
  • Customer & Channel: Lifetime customer value, personalized offers, product recommendation, customer service improvement and image/video recognition
  • Finance & Risk: Fraud detection, anti-counterfitting, credit risk management, privacy protection, text interpretation and claims prediction
  • Operations: Remote monitoring, operational efficiency, smart buildings/cities, preventive & predictive maintenance, privacy protection and supply chain optimization
  • Medical: Medical diagnostics, clinical image recognition, determining the correct treatment, predicting care paths, recourse optimization, care fraud detection and (care) process optimization

Our Products

data science

Medical Diagnostics

For a number of healthcare clients we have developed A.I. based analysis tools to support professionals in medical diagnostics. Examples range from the detection of tumors to eye diseases and fetal stress.

data science

Point Cloud Analysis

Our team is able to translate point cloud data into relevant information for object recognition in various domains, such as automotive and manufacturing. This facilitates a quick response to a rapidly changing environment.

data science

Dynamic Pricing

Our dynamic pricing models allow retailers to adjust their prices in real time. With A.I. we combine many data sources from within the organization, as well as the external market, which gives them an edge over their competition.

data science

Fraud Detection

By using ‘unsupervised’ data science methods, such as outlier detection and clustering, we enable (health) insurers to be one step ahead of fraudulent customers and entities. Methods that can be easily transferred to other domains.

data science

Population Dynamics

Together with a leading Dutch Life Sciences University, we have developed an ecosystem analysis platform that can automatically recognize a wide variety of mammals and its movements.

data science

Product Recognition

To enable (large) retailers to collect large amounts of data about their products and their customers, we have an A.I. model and mobile app designed to recognize products and collect a variety of information about consumer behavior.

data science

Quality Inspection

By using visual inspection methods, we support producers to automatically measure the quality of their products on the production line. We also use A.I. to predict quality defects even before they appear.

data science

Intelligent Search

Gimix has experience with the intelligent search of documents, as well as the search for privacy-sensitive documents. This includes document classification, OCR on handwriting and visual material and classification of (foreign) ID documents.

Our Serices


With larger, faster, more diverse and more complex data becoming available to your organization, it is crucial to understand what information and value is actually hidden in your data. Recognizing trends and making predictions based on this data can be of great importance for (achieving the objectives of) your organization. We assist your organization in inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling your data with the aim of providing insight into valuable information to support decision-making and strategic choices.


The use of statistical models, mathematical simulation and machine learning can support in understanding systems and processes, and their behavior. Manufacturing such models is part of Gimix’s passion and core activities. These models can support you in understanding your organization by examining various scenarios and configurations and providing insight into the effects of any changes. We assist you in the formulation and development of innovative mathematical and statistical models and machine learning algorithms.


By using Artificial Intelligence, specifically the field of Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Neural Networks, Gimix can assist you in extracting information from unstructured data such as images, video and sound. The applications are endless, for example recognizing diseases from medical images, pro-actively recognizing (unwanted) behavior in people on surveillance footage, identifying animal species from sound or images, detecting quality deviations within a production process, etc.


Gimix offers specific methods and techniques for the analysis of your company’s information. By using the latest techniques and solutions we are able to discover and extract information from your data sets and event logs. This information enables us to understand, improve and optimize your business processes through visualization, organization and structuring of your data.

No better place to start your innovation

Gimix Data Science & Big Data Analytics

“We use Data Science and A.I. to capture professionals’ expertise and connect it to other disciplines. By doing so, possibilities for your company are as large and disruptive as your own imagination!”

High Tech Campus 5
5656 AE Eindhoven
Email: info@gimix.nl
+31 (0)88 276 2345

A few Projects


Project description: For one of our clients, we have developped an innovate algorithm for predicting healthcare claims. With state-of-the-art data-mining techniques and statistical models we increase true positives and negatives, while minimising false positives and negatives in our predictions.

Keywords: MS Azure, R, claim predictions, machine learning


Project description: We have developed and implemented a Machine Learning Algorithm that can detect product specific content on images that are uploaded by consumers. For this task we used a (set of) Convolutional Neural Networks.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network, Python, TensorFlow


Project description: In collaboration with one of the most respected Dutch technical Universities, we have developped an innovate model for detecting claim fraud in healthcare organisations. With cutting-edge data-mining techniques, e.g. supervised and unsupervised learning, we can detect fraudulent behaviour (outliers).

Keywords: Oracle, Healthcare, Encog 3, R, fraud detection, artificial intelligence


Project description: For one of our customers we are developing an intelligent solution to recognize heart rate information patterns that indicate an increased risk of medical complications during childbirth. To this end, we develop Machine Learning models, specifically Deep Learning Neural Networks, to safeguard the knowledge of medical professionals and support them in their work.

Keywords: Healthcare, Machine / Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Python, Time Series

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